Cann10 Presentations:

Prof. Howard Amital,
Is there Room for Cannabis Treatment in Rheumatic Conditions? 

Dr. Avraham (Avi) Arbel,
Advanced Climate Control Systems for Year-Round Cannabis Greenhouses


Ms. Lihi Bar-Lev Schleider,

Short and Long term Clinical Outcomes in Large Unselected Cohort of Patients Treated with Medical Cannabis

Prof. Zvi Bentwich,
History and Future of Cannabis Clinical Research

Prof. Rudolf Brenneisen,
Pharmacokinetics, Application Forms and Quality of Cannabinoids – A Real Challenge


Dr. Noam Chehanovsky,
Genetic Tools for Development of Medical Cannabis Strain


Prof. Abraham J. Domb,

Pharmaceutical Challenges in the Delivery of THC and CBD

Mr. Eli Duffy,
Cannabis Paving the Way for Disruptive Technologies in the U.S. Agriculture Technology Industry

Dr. Dan Dvoskin,
Medical Cannabis Production in Israel in the New Governmental Policy: Economic Impacts


Prof. Aharon (Ari) Eyal,
Cannabis: Industrial Challenges, Business Opportunities and Science

Mr. Maier Fenster,
Understanding how to use Intellectual Property

Mr. Mark Fishman, 
Indoor Cultivation for Medical Cannabis is a Must and Now it`s Economically Feasible

Dr. Alan J. Flashman,
Experience with Medical Cannabis in Complex PTSD

Ms. Tamar Gallily,
The Challenges of Patent Protecting Medicinal Uses of Cannabis – A Substance Known for Thousands of Years

Prof. Jacob Gindin,
Cannabis in Care for Medically Complex Older Persons

Dr. Stanislav Grosu,
Cannabinoid Research Interest in Republic of Moldova

Dr. Jonathan Grunfeld, 
Medical Use of Cannabis: A Conflict of Paradigms, Current Processes and Decisions to be Made


Prof. Lumir Hanus,
Cannabis Treatment – Not as Simple as it Looks


Mr. Saul Kaye,
Global Economy Trend in Cannabis

Dr. Debra Kimless,
Palliative Care to Remission: Use of Low Dose Cannabis Oil in an 8 Year Old, all Patient with Metastasis

Dr. Hinanit Koltai,
Using Medical Cannabis to Treat Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: Specific Lines, Personalized Treatment

Prof. Fred Meir Konikoff,
Cannabis in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases – from Anecdotal Use to Medicalization?

Prof. Uri Kramer,
Cannabis for Treatment of Children with Severe Epilepsy – Promising Results


Prof. Raphael Mechoulam,
The Cannabinoids: Looking Back and Ahead


Prof. Reuven Or,
The Use of Cannabis-Based Medicines in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: Lessons from the Clinic and the Laboratory


Dr. Richard Peet,
Biosynthesis of Cannabinoids – Commercial Process for Biosynthetic Production of authentic THCA, CBDA and CBCA Cannabinoids

Prof. Roger G. Pertwee,
Pharmacological Actions and Potential Novel Therapeutic Uses of Plant Cannabinoids: Great Expectations

Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel,
The Importance of Best Practices and Certification in the Global Cannabis Industry


Mr. Ken Shaked,
Medical Cannabis Business: Current Status, Trends & The Future

Dr. Iris Shichor,
A Unique Nasal Delivery Approach for Effective and User Friendly Cannabis Based Therapeutics

Dr. Ronen Shemesh, 
Cannabinoid System as Targets for Fertility Enhancement

Dr. Dadi Segal,
Israeli Pharmaceutical Industry Enters the US Cannabis Market

Mr. David Spitz,
Marijuana based Products – Product Strategies

Prof. Amos Toren,
In vitro and in vivo Efficacy of Non-Psychoactive Cannabidiol in Neuroblastoma


Dr. István Ujváry, 

The Cannabidiol Enigma: are The Metabolites of CBD Pharmacologically Active?


Dr. Joe Wyse, 

Patent Data Analysis: A Predictive Tool for Medical Cannabis Investors and Innovators