Col. (Res.) Eliezer (Cheetah) Cohen

Born at 1934, in Jerusalem, Israel

1952 joined the air force as a pilot for 24 years in the Israeli Air Force

1973 commander of Israeli Air Force base in Egypt   

Last post colonel commander of Israeli Air Force units in Sinay desert     

1974-1999 Pilot for 24 years in El Al airlines     

1975-6 director general of Ben Gurion airport – creating the airport authority. long range master  planning of terminal three and r/w 21

1999-2006 Member of the 15 and 16 Knesset, heading the constitution lobby

2007-2009 Chairman of the Israeli National  Authority Anti - Drugs and Alcohol

1990 Publishing first book -  the sky is not the limit 30/000 in Hebrew, up to 75/000 in three lang'

2016 Publishing Second book - this land is my land - 'hoy artzi moladeti'  

M'a- history of the Jewish people, tell Aviv uni'

'mofet' decorating