Meet our Faculty Ascher Shmulewitz

Ascher Shmulewitz

Therapix, Israel

Dr. Shmulewitz has more than twenty years of experience as a Life Science scientist, originator, executive, in management, operations, and finance with track record generating high multiple growth of BioPharmaceutical public and private companies in the US, Europe,  and Israel. He has proven success in start-ups, turnarounds, and healthcare management, corporate and product development (in the US, Europe, and Israel as well).  Dr. Shmulewitz combines extensive experience in R&D, operations, marketing, and Business Development, with start-ups and public companies.

Dr. Shmulewitz is a serial inventor and entrepreneur with a track record of several exits per year since the early 1990s.

In the early 1990s, Dr. Shmulewitz founded San Francisco Sciences and Incumed Inc. (San Francisco and Seattle, respectively), drawing on an extensive network of leading US and Israeli researchers and incubators. The focus was to organize and syndicate investments with innovators, manufacturers, and venture capitalists.

Some exits in the 90s include:

NeoVision, a women’s healthcare company (acquired by U.S. Surgical, 1995, and then sold to Hologic. The CFO of NeoVision, became the  CEO of Hologic, the world’s largest women’s health company).

S-Cubed, an interventional catheter company, (acquired by U.S. Surgical, 1996).

Arteria, an emboli protection catheter company (acquired by BSC, 1999).

TransVascular, a surgical tool to treat inoperable coronary disease (acquired by Medtronic, 1997).

X-Cardia, a non-invasive Cardiac Output monitor (acquired by Imagyn, 1996).

In 2002, Dr. Shmulewitz relocated from the US to Israel, and founded the Medgenesis Group, a Life Science Accelerator. He the Chairman of the Board of  several  private med-tech companies, and Therapix, a Biopharmaceutical Company focused on Cannaboid drug-device combinations (listed on the TASE and the OTC-QB).

More recent activities include:

Libra, a Congestive Heart Failure Incubator, originated FlowMedica (sold to AngioDynamics).

Cappella, a bifurcation stent, (co-investors Polytechnos, ACT, Foundation, Mitsui). Awarded 2007 Product of the Year.
Labcoat. a medical device coating technology, founded in Ireland in 2002. Sold in 2009 (sold to BSC).

V-Wave- a  revolutionary catheter based implant for Heart failure management (co-investors BRM, Pontifax, Edwards Life Sciences). First-in-Man Oct. 2013.

From 2002 to 2009 Dr. Shmulewitz was a venture partner at Polytechnos Capital, a Munich-Brussels based venture fund. Dr. Shmulewitz had hands on involvement, as an active manager, board member or chairman of the board of portfolio companies.

Dr. Shmulewitz  received his Medical Doctorate from the Technion, trained in Cardiology, and received a Doctorate in Engineering  from Tel-Aviv  University where his research focused on Ultrasound Tissue Characterization. Dr. Shmulewitz worked as a Research Scientist at IBM Corporate Research and at Advanced Technology Laboratories (“ATL”), now a division of Philips.