Meet our Faculty Ms. Dana Bar-On

Ms. Dana Bar-On

Coordinator, Lobby for Medical Cannabis , Israel
dana bar on

Being born with a genetic neuromuscular disease, known by the general name of CMT (Charcot Marie Thoth), I was destined – as my mother before me – to face a future in a wheelchair. By the age of 24 I started losing my ability to move my arms and legs, and soon enough started to lose weight in an alarming rate. When the doctors started measuring my legs with the intention to fit me with mechanical walking aids, I decided on my own to ask the health ministry to try medical cannabis. I was given a three months’ license which allowed me to try the treatment – and my doctor to legally follow up on its affect and report them. Two and a half mouth later I danced at my own wedding, using nothing but my own two legs.

During the health ministry’s quest for standardization and regulation of medical cannabis treatment in Israel, my Doctor prescribed monthly dosage of 180 gram medical cannabis was twice reduces – against specific medical advice and with disastrous results. The last time, on march 2015, I went public with my story and took my fight to the media, the lawyers, and the Knesset – the Israeli house of representatives. Still, it took four months, during which I lost 23 kilograms and my entire motoric ability, and only then I was reissued a license to consume the full amount prescribe to me by my doctor.

Experience in the Field:
Due to my personal ordeal I have become deeply familiar with the struggle of patients for whom medical cannabis is the only treatment relevant, and the ignorance and prejudice of the system who is in charge with their care, and decided to work toward changing them both.

Today I voluntarily mange and promote the activity of the Israeli medical cannabis lobby in the Knesset, headed by MK Sharren Haskel. The lobby aims toward making the treatment more readily and easily available for those who needs it according to their own doctors’ advice, and acts on all fronts: from proposing legislation to daily contact with all the involves ministries and personal to try and help individuals who are helpless in the face of a strict system. The lobby also holds periodic conferences, with the participation of both specialists from all relevant fields and the patients themselves, with the aim of hearing all opinions from the wide spread population and being aware at all time of the patients’ needs and struggles.

• Alongside running the lobby, I am the intended CEO of the Medical Cannabis Association, which is an association in the process of registrations.
• From Aug. 2015 to May of this year I have held the position of a spokesperson for the Israeli Medical Cannabus Association, a position never held before by nobody – and in which I have develop many project on national media, and maintained close relations with reports and media personals.