Meet our Faculty Dr. Bat Sheva Porat Katz

Dr. Bat Sheva Porat Katz

Tel-Aviv District Health Bureau, Ministry of Health, Israel
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Dr. Katz is a Geriatric and Internal Medicine Physician. She is a graduate of Hadassah Medical School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Also, Dr. Porat practice Psycho-geriatrics following a fellowship in Royal Park Hospital, Melbourne, Australia, and a member of the national board of geriatrics.

Currently, Dr. Porat Katz works as Tel Aviv district’s geriatric physician at Israel’s Ministry of Health. Her responsibilities include the supervision of over 60 hospitals, nursing facilities and geriatric recovery centers in the Tel Aviv district, as well as taking part in policy making. Alongside her clinical work, Dr. Porat Katz is actively involved in research.

Dr. Porat Katz has been elected several times as an outstanding lecturer by the school of nutrition at the Hebrew University. She is also a past lecturer at Sackler School of Medicine, at the University of Tel Aviv and in Ben Gurion Faculty of Medicine. Additionally, Dr. Porat Katz has run a Phsycho-geriatrics clinic in Kaplan Hospital