Meet our Faculty Dr. Eyal Ballan

Dr. Eyal Ballan

Cannabics Parmaceuticals Inc., Israel
Dr. Eyal Ballan, cann10, cannabis research

Dr. Eyal Ballan is a brain scientist, an experienced enterpenuar and lecturer involved in diverse projects with
a common vision of unraveling the potential of human-mind.

Eyal is a Co-founder of Cannabics Inc. and its CTO. 
Eyal holds a Ph.D. in Neurophysiology, EEG, brain wave analysis and cortical connectivity.
After obtaining his Ph.D. he was an entrepreneur in the field of Neuro-Feedback and BCI.
Eyal holds a M.Sc. in anticancer drug development and was part of the renowned research team, which developed Salirasib (Treatment for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer).