Meet our Faculty Mayor Mike Dunafon

Mayor Mike Dunafon

Glendale, Colorado
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Mayor Mike Dunafon is the ninth Mayor of Glendale in its 60-year history. Prior to his election, Mayor Dunafon served as mayor pro tem for eight years and has been a member of the Glendale Planning Commission since 1999 and chairman since 2004.

A Colorado native, Mayor Dunafon has been a major player in initiating and shepherding the extraordinary 15-year transformation of the small City of Glendale into an entertainment capitol and internationally-known city. This transformation began when Dunafon first chaired the Strategic Planning Initiative in 1998. The Glendale citizens clearly sent a strong message: they wanted a new identity — a more vibrant Glendale.

Co-founding the first Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Dunafon launched a full-time effort to collaboratively unite the residences and businesses of the city into a single vision. Mayor Dunafon was instrumental in establishing a community-wide newspaper, “The Glendale News,” which subsequently became “The Glendale / Cherry Creek Chronicle,” currently mailed to 85,000 homes and businesses in the area.

With the mayor’s guidance, Glendale became the first city in the United States to adopt rugby as the sole and official sport of the city, and today Glendale is known as “Rugbytown USA.” The City’s rugby teams, the Glendale Raptors, have won numerous national championships and are the two-time defending Pacific Rugby Premiership Men’s Champions and current Women’s Premier League Champions.

In 2014, Mayor Dunafon ran for Governor of Colorado, as an independent candidate and received the most votes ever cast in the State’s electoral history for a non-party gubernatorial candidate. The albeit failed campaign was extraordinary in the sense that Mayor Dunafon neither accepted any money, nor did he spend very much, but he nonetheless captured the imagination (and votes) of thousands and was even dubbed “Colorado’s Most Interesting Politician” during the campaign.

A former singer himself, Dunafon collaborated with 3-time winning Grammy artist, Wyclef Jean, to create The Trap, a music video that became the campaign anthem, until it was remixed by Snoop Dog (see

The antithesis of a professional politician, Mayor Mike Dunafon is fiercely independent and refuses to accept any money from anyone. Mike believes that both the Democrats on the left and the Republicans on the right have sold out America pandering for their share of corporate and PAC money. He understands that the intellectual elites running the Democrats want to control your decisions because they know better than you, what is best for you and your family. Mike fundamentally rejects this idea and big government categorically, and believes that we need to reverse our current path toward socialism, by creating more liberty and less government. On the other side of the spectrum, Mike also rejects the imposition of religious intolerance by segments within the Republican Party, specifically on the social issues of reproductive liberty and marital equality. These social matters are best resolved by adopting public policy choices that promote liberty for women (over their bodies) and marriage equality for all couples, irrespective of sexual orientation.
But the real measure of the man is not his considerable list of accomplishments, but rather, it is his deep commitment to learning and critical thinking. He takes positions that are consistent with his philosophy of life that the best way to foster innovation, competition and increased productivity is for government to get out of the way of business and let self-interested individuals and corporations drive the economy.
The son and nephew of the two original Marlboro Men, Mayor Dunafon has a B.A. from the University of Northern Colorado, where he lettered for four years and was part of the All-Conference team. He signed contracts to play with the Denver Broncos in 1976 and 1977. His rugby career began in 1978 with the British Virgin Islands RFC and continued until 1992. He has a USA Rugby Level 3 coaching certification.