Meet our Faculty Mr. David Spitz

Mr. David Spitz

Hi-end medical cannabis grower in Colorado, USA
Spitz David, cann10, marijuana legalization

Mr. Spitz’s has 30 years’ experience in creating, enhancing and extracting value for shareholders from companies.

Since 1979, Mr. Spitz has led several Israeli hi-tech companies to tremendous international success. From an early startup phase, to  successful IPOs and numerous exits , establishing a strong international presence ,  and multiple strategic  mergers and acquisitions in the US.

After exiting his company in 2001, Mr. Spitz has harnessed  his vast operational and entrepreneurial experience and financial engineering to build a local investment bank in Denver, focusing on M&A and capital raises primarily in healthcare, behavioral health and drug rehab, as well as medical devices.

Recognizing the rare opportunity in real estate in 2009 with the US housing crisis, Mr. Spitz has successfully built a successful real estate business, when in 2014, Mr. Spitz has identified  a new unique and rare opportunity in the new emerging Marijuana market in Denver. Mr. Spitz, again, capitalized on the opportunity and has taken Kind Love,  a then failing hi-end medical marijuana company in Colorado, to a tremendous success, turning it around in a record time from survival to thrival, and propelling it to one of the most successful medical and recreational marijuana companies in Colorado, with one of the largest a state-of-the-art grows producing award-winning strains, hi-end recreational and medical retail centers, and a successful MIP (Marijuana Infused Products) processing plant, extracting cannabis oils and manufacturing a wide variety of products ranging from smokables ( Hash, shatter, solvent less , live resin and rosin, oils and tinctures, Etc.), to a wide array of eatables (Including baked goods, candy, chocolate, drinks Etc.) and a range of topical products (Such as: creams, lotions, oil, Etc.). In addition, Mr. Spitz is involved with several technologies and IP in the cannabis growing, processing, consumption, data and software in the cannabis field.

The key to Mr. Spitz’s success is the combination of strong entrepreneurial, business and leadership skills coupled with a vast strategic deal experience, an in-depth product and markets knowledge , and  a vast international sales and marketing experience.