Meet our Faculty Mr. Gilad Livni

Mr. Gilad Livni

Seach Ltd., Israel
Gilad Livni 130X130

Gilad Livini, owner of Livni Hydroponics, is a master grower working with Seach, an Israel-based grower of top grade medical cannabis that is supplied to hospitals, clinical trials and patients throughout Israel since 2008. In addition to his master grower proficiency, Livini has vast experience in growing and consulting to cannabis growers throughout the world.

Since 1993 he has grown in indoor and outdoor facilities, in USA, UK, Spain. He has worked as a manager and development supervisor for numerous biotech companies and greenhouses. Livini is an expert at developing protocols and new technologies for the construction of high tech water systems. He also has strong interest in researching genes and traits for developing new hybrid crops.