Meet our Faculty Prof. Rudolf Brenneisen

Prof. Rudolf Brenneisen

Swiss Task Force for Cannabinoids in Medicine (STCM) & MedCanSult, Switzerland
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Prof. Rudolf Brenneisen, Head of Department of Clinical Research (DCR), University of Bern
Rudolf Brenneisen studies medicinal plants from all over the world.
As a pharmacist, he is specialized in the discovery of phytochemicals and is also the cannabis expert at the University of Bern.
Prof Rudolf Brenneisen is a professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Bern and head of the group of Phytopharmacology, Bioanalytics & Pharmacokinetics at the Department of Clinical Research. He is involved in Cannabis research for soon 30 years, first focusing on phytochemistry and analytics, later on pharmaceutics and clinical use. Currently his department is focusing on the development and in vitro/in vivo validation of inhalable cannabinoid aerosols. For more details of CV, lab, research projects, and recent publications see