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Targene-logoTargene, a young company, formed by a unique collaboration of experts from the field of plant science, cannabis growers and a leading academic institution in Israel. Targene is developing protocols and methods for tissue culture growth of various plant parts for future industrial production of pharmaceuticals from cannabis.
The company already developed unique protocols and growth add-on materials for medical cannabis growing aiming in producing small plants that can be grown in shelves, with sparse foliage and easy to handle plant architecture. The end goal is increasing the effective yield of active materials of the plant.
In addition, Targene is developing the ability to grow (in a non GMO method) trichomes without the need for the complete plant, enabling us to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in a Lab.

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MetaReNanMeta-Re-Nan is a joint venture between a veteran company (over 20 years) in the field of separation and extraction of aromatic substances and lipophilic materials from botanical source and an official Israeli medical cannabis grower.
Meta-Re-Nan develops patented methods for isolating active and inactive components from cannabis source and for purification and separation of pure ingredients in compliance for the pharmaceutical standards.
The Company holds a research & development license from the Medical Cannabis unit of the Israeli Ministry of health.
Company Products:
• Industrial size Decarboxylation reactor for homogenic utilizing of cannabis extraction (CO2, BHO, RSO etc) for usage, first orders are already inder production.
• Industrial size extraction machinery (solventless) to produce cannabis extract from wet and dry herbal material (final stages of development, working Prototype in end of October).
• Industrial size isolating machinery to separate sole active materials from cannabis extract (final stages of development, working Prototype in end of November).
Home use solventless extraction device to produce cannabis extract in an affordable price.

Contact Details:
Shimrit Penner
Tel: 972-52-5534300 

GrowDogGrowdog manufactures control and management solutions for domestic and professional growth, focused on the cannabis market, the company develops sensor and control units that provides the grower an online supervision on the crucial data of growth, provides a set of security features specially made for home growers and allows to implement pre developed scripts (from the company and other breeders ) fitted to the plant growth cycle and strain. our products will be released in the Cann10 2016 convention for pre ordering. All growth data is collected in a bigdata server and can be analyzed for future growth knowledge using inhouse and third party algorithms. Growdog is also developing a clever “brain” capable of automatically manage, while receiving action scripts remote control unit growth. All company products can be wirelessly communicated and can be connected to a photovoltay source.
Company Products:
• Squirrel – a small wireless sensor unit (temperature, moisture, light, simple camera) that can be placed in a single pot or even inside a small IKEA home greenhouse.
• Dog – a sensor Hub, can get data from several sensor units and control the growth climate, the dog also supply a home security abilities specially made for a home grower. Dog can run predefined scripts to increase growth yield performance and quality.
• Kennel – a smart “brain” unit, designated for industrial growing, can automate a complete growth unit (usually located inside a grow-container pod) applying growing scripts, network mesh and big data analysis on the grow data.

Contact Details:
Ran Kafri, CEO
Tel: 972-54-7887561

pure-exraction-technology-logoPure Extraction Tech. is dedicated to providing the Highest Quality, Safest, Certified Closed Loop Extractors on the Israeli market. 

While providing excellent parts and craftsmanship, we also strive to give our customers the best pricing and customer service.
We already worked with company like Seach and Tikun-Olam in the extraction field and patient assistance.
Pure Extraction Tech. Extractors has an innovative design in the closed loop system that allows you to run the system passively without the need for a recovery pump that’s what makes Pure Extraction Tech. Closed loop one of the top systems in the game. Overall it’s a fast, powerful & efficient system.

Contact Details:
Oliver Sasson, CEO
Tel: 972-52-4627492

cannabicsCannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CNBX), a U.S based public company is dedicated to the development of Personalized Anti-Cancer treatments. The Company’s scientific focus is on harnessing the proven therapeutic properties of natural Cannabinoids. Cannabics’ vision is to create tailored therapies for cancer
patients, utilizing advanced HTS technology and personalized bioinformatics tools. The Company’s R&D is based in Israel and involves both scientific and academic research as well as current ongoing medical clinical studies.

Contact Details:
Eyal Barad
Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc.

SipNoseSipNose has developed a device-based intra-nasal drug delivery platform designed to enable direct nose-to-brain delivery of a wide spectrum of pharmaceuticals, bypassing the blood brain barrier.
SipNose innovative nasal delivery platform offers an efficient, reproducible and user friendly solution for the delivery of small molecules and biologics including Cannabis based compounds.
SipNose is developing novel applications for unmet need clinical conditions and is collaborating with Cann10 for the development of such innovative Cannabis based products.

Contact Details:
Iris Shichor PhD., CEO
SipNose Ltd.
Tel: 972-508449619

cannabiscopeCannabiScope™ sets the standard for cannabis strain classification.The CannabiScope’s Weed Wheel organizes and arranges cannabis strains in a logical manner using the unique interactive wheel, built specifically for medical marijuana. The platform lets patients explore and discover information about medical marijuana, in addition it serves as an online storefront, a ‘virtual menu’ for businesses.
The classification system was designed to help patients discover cannabis strains that best suit their needs and conditions. The Weed Wheel allows users to navigate thru layers, uncovering information about medical marijuana, and exploring the flavors and health characteristics associated with each strain. The Weed Wheel established on two main pillars: Health section, based on cannabinoids; and Flavor section based on terpenes.Strains are cataloged based on their attributes which come from their terpene and cannabinoid profiles, along with expert insight, and consumer reviews.

Contact Details:
David Schacter
CEO and Co-Founder
Cannabiscope LLC.

eybnaEybna is a global leader in the research and development of cannabis terpene based solutions, with the mission of bringing the benefits of cannabis to more patients, by isolating the medicinal properties found in different strains and providing cannabis medicine that is tailored to treat specific medical conditions. While common practice is to selectively breed and genetically modify cannabis in order to reach specific traits, Eybna is leading a revolutionary new approach. By mapping and isolating all the building blocks of cannabis and studying their independent and synergistic properties, with emphasis on terpenes that have recently been found to account for many of the effects induced by each strain. Eybna is able to construct new formulations that hold the different medical benefits of cannabis.To date, with access to a focus group of over 2000 patients, Eybna is already seeing very positive results and it is not far before Eybnas first formulations are released, changing the lives of millions of patients worldwide.

Contact Details:
Phone: +97233741976